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How do I book?

We request you book your appointment times via:

  1. Our online booking website
  2. Reception (03) 9042 3648
  3. In clinic at your appointment

Please do not email to schedule your appointment times.

Aim for Weekly Sessions

Frequency is key. Weekly is best. Regular practise is essential.

Stay on Track!

Our clinic gets super busy! But you probably know that, right!

If you choose any practitioner you can see all times available.

We don’t mind if you have a preference for one clinician over another, even though we see each team member as a superstar! If you are wanting to stick with one clinician and their is a wait for times, it will affect your Cadenza™ Introductory offer. No extensions are available on this, and you will need to purchase subscription to access Cadenza™ if the introductory access completes before you have finished your in clinic sessions.


Please note, if you are booking a time for remaining sessions that relate to your current silver, gold or platinum program, no additional fee will be owing for your session.

If you are booking a service in addition to your current silver, gold or platinum program you must commence with the initial assessment.

For example, a Silver Accent Client who wishes to commence work on voice therapy as well will need to first book the initial diagnostic voice assessment session to commence.

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